Bhakti Sastri Certificate


Are you already familiar with some of the foundational texts and practices of bhakti, and want to systematically study Srila Prabhupada's books? Are you seeking quality association with devotees from various backgrounds and experience levels? Do you feel the need to deepen your connection with Krishna, and to broaden your understanding of his instructions? Are you looking for a real spiritual immersion and transformation, without changing your external circumstances? This Online Bhakti Sastri course aims at all this - and more. You will systematically study the Bhagavad-gita, the Nectar of Devotion, the Nectar of Instruction, and the Isopanisad - 4 of the most important bhakti-texts. You can complete your Bhakti Sastri course from your home, within 1 year. Our teachers are experienced devotees who have been studying, living by and teaching Prabhupada's books for many years. Our students are from all over the world and create a worldwide online community with the goal of understanding and deeply imbibing the Gaudiya Vaishnava principles and practices.

The VTE’s over-arching purpose in promoting the systematic study of sastra (sacred texts). This Module introduces the VTE methodology. To facilitate a systematic, Krishna-conscious education, the VTE has developed an aims-driven (as opposed to content-driven) approach to studying sastra. Here you will find an introduction to and overview of those 12 aims of sastric study.

Study Requirements and Accreditation

Although all prospective students may enroll in any of the Bhakti Sastri modules, we recognize two levels of awards for the degree.

1) Bhaktivedanta College Bhakti Sastri Digital Attendance Certificate, which will be issued electronically at the end of each Bhakti Sastri module. The study requirements are:

a) Watching the weekly video classes
b) Reading the assigned materials
c) Being active on the forum
d) Completing quizzes

2) Bhaktivedanta College/VTE Bhakti Sastri Certificate. In addition to the above requirements, a student must:

e) Submitting VTE short essays
f) Successfully pass the closed-book exams within the requested time frame
g) Chant sixteen rounds of the maha-mantra daily
h) Follow the four regulations for bhakti-yoga
i) Provide a recommendation letter by a local ISKCON representative. An online form is here.

Upon successfully completing all six Bhakti Sastri modules, students will receive a VTE Bhakti Sastri Certificate issued by the ISKCON Board of Examination.

To register for individual modules, click on the program's name (PayPal payment). To register for the whole program (499 Euro all six Bhakti Sastri modules, at a 20% discount) please contact us.

How is it possible that Krishna, after saying to Arjuna (Bg. 9.1), "I shall impart to you this most confidential knowledge and realization" then says (Bg. 14.1): "Again I shall declare to you this supreme wisdom, the best of all knowledge, knowing which all the sages have attained the supreme perfection"? Is more knowledge than that given in the "bhakti section" (Chapters 7-12) required, or is a repetition of the knowledge required? After discussing the processes of yoga in Chapters 1-6 and after presenting the goal of all yoga processes - bhakti - in chapters 7-12, Krishna reveals how this goal can be achieved. After a section about karma (action) and a section about bhakti (devotion), we come to a section about jnana (knowledge). Please prepare yourself for receiving knowledge, which will help you go home, back to Godhead.